ball ball
  • Trapeze is a supreme art form.
    —Steve Gossard
  • You have this sense of
    freedom when you fly.
    —Sam Keen
  • The Flying Trapeze is ballet of the air.
    —Dominique Jando
  • Trapeze and flying are…
    a metaphor for the life of the spirit…
    A metaphor of transcendance.
    —Sam Keen
  • Trapeze offers a chance
    to reconnect with your spiritual self.
    —Peter Gold
  • Sometimes very old childhood fantasies
    that you have never dared
    to try hold the key to renewal.
    —Sam Keen
  • It’s the most fun you can have
    with your clothes on.
    —Tony Steele
  • The story of trapeze in our time
    is an untold story.
    —Sam Keen